About us

Your business is our priority

Bernhardt is dedicated to simplifying your business‘ workload, whilst minimizing your investment and reducing training time. Bernhardt will provide you with the web application, product size scale, a variety of fabric bunches and style books. We provide specialised training to familiarise you with our working method and instruct you how to take measurements with easy-to-use style books that give you detailed illustrations of all the body alterations. Bernhardt guarantees complete support for all your business‘ needs, as ensuring the efficiency of your business is our priority.

Our team works for you

Bernhardt has optimised its technical knowledge and service standards to ensure that tailors are provided with all the technical and marketing support to create the finest made to measure garments in Europe. To ensure your success with our system we offer complimentary training and our team of made to measure experts are at your disposal by telephone, email and text.

We support you anywhere

Bernhardt is proud to distribute its tailored garments to over 400 shops throughout the world, including the whole of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. We kindly invite you to join our tradition of excellence in bespoke tailoring, and share the pride of exceeding the customer's expectation.

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